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The big excitement here is the Terminator jumping into politics. He's looking like the best candidate so far, which is a pretty harsh comment on CA's political professionals. But he seems to have been preparing for this for a while. Laura and I rented Last Action Hero (she'd never seen it) and there were some good lines in it. Especially since the Lt Governor has been annointed as Arnold's chief opponent.

1. Jack (Arnold) is heading toward the hostage situation to play hero-cop while everyone tries to stop him. The mayor and another man step in front of him. "Jack, I know as mayor of this great metropolis you and I have had our little tiffs, but this is the lieutenant governor!"
The LG says "Slater, here's what I" and WHACK Slater knocks him out cold without even looking at him, saying "When the governor gets here call me."

2. When Arnold's character falls into our world and discovers he's fictional he's pretty upset. The projectionist tries to cheer him up by telling him it could be worse. "There's lots worse things than movies. There's politicians and wars and forest fires . . . and . . . and famine, plague, sickness, pain, warts, politicians . . ."
Slater says "You already mentioned them."
"I know I did. They're twice as bad as any thing else."

Some nice snippets for the campaign commercials. The first one might be a preview of how the debates would come out. And there's always the Terminator line for a slogan: "Come with me if you want to live."

On a more serious note, I think Arnold's actually working hard at this and doing a good job. He's doing a hell of a job manipulating the press. They completely bought the "Maria won't let me run" line and then made his announcement a huge story. Now they're pounding the drums of how he has no proposals. I suspect www.ahnuld4guv.org has 50 pdf'd position papers all loaded and they're waiting for the perfect moment to bring it on line for maximum effect. Now all we need is for him to slap around some union bosses and he might be able to fix the budget.

Given that he's done a successful sandbag with the annoucement and may be setting up for another, I have to wonder how much he had to do with starting the recall in the first place. Did he have a deal with Issa to act as his stalking horse? Unlikely, but it'd be a nice conspiracy theory. More likely is that he helped maneuver Issa into taking the lead while preparing to step over him once the recall happened. Or it could be a coincidence, and all the members of Pete Wilson's administration he hired were actually just working on the after-school playtime initiative.

So he could be a really manipulative person. But hey, if he gives Sacremento the enema it needs it'd be worth having a governor in feather boas or whatever. So I guess I'll vote for him, assuming I don't move out of state too soon (and it looks like I'll be staying here for a bit at least). He's resonably honest, I like what I know of his ideology (he's a definite freemarketeer), and change is good.

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