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A Small Game Night

Slinky showed, so we had games after all (We'd never met him before, but he was wearing a Blue Sun shirt, so we knew he was One Of Us). Three players is the perfect number for Hunting Party so we played two games. By the official rules this time, unlike my first game. It's a fun game. My usual description is "A cross between Dungeons & Dragons and Clue" which makes celticdragonfly think "You enter a 10x10 room. You find a dead orc and a length of pipe." Concentrating too hard on the puzzle part is the wrong move, though. The best way to win seems to be to grab some hunters as quick as you can—even if they're expensive—and go looking for trouble. Either you get some money or you get back your investment in the now-dead hunters.

We followed that with a couple of rounds of Fluxx, which Slinky picked up quickly enough to win both games. Slinky picked Before I Kill You, Mr. Bond as the next game (You can't buy it. It doesn't exist. But keep an eye out for James Ernest's Totally Renamed Spy Game. Lawyers.) Then we went for SPANC, which is almost as much fun just for the Foglio pictures as the game play.

By then celticdragonfly was needing a break, so we dug out a two-player game: The Awful Green Things From Outer Space. This is a board game version of the movie Alien, with horrid creatures breeding and trying to eat the crew while they try to find a weapon that can kill the Things. Sometimes a weapon can backfire and triple the number of Things (which usually ends the game with a quick Thing victory). The opposite extreme is having the best weapon (ranged area-effect) cause serious damage, which can guarantee a crew win. We had both of those happen in this game. So it was very close. If it hadn't been Slinky's first time playing the game he probably would've avoided his one big mistake (bunching up in front of my best weapon) and won.
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