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Sunday I went to a Yule circle with drgnmoonshadow, Kit, and Kelly. The coven is "Ceilidh House", which I'll have a link to when I can find their website.

The trio picked me up at home. celticdragonfly gave them a quick tour of the house before sending us off. We arrived in Denton early. They were having the typical potluck social before the circle. I didn't know anybody but there were a few familiar faces--turns out a bunch of these folks had been at Fencon. The potluck displayed the usual Celtic fear of divine retribution should a guest leave the house still hungry. Good stuff, too.

The circle was very grounding for me. I think the ritual was much closer to Wiccan than AKC, but even with the different patterns it felt like I was finding a connection. I was also meditating on the bonfire--we were breaking in a brand new copper fire pit.

More socializing afterwards. Turned out some of these folks are filkers, and have an annual filk bardic circle first weekend of February, coinciding with their Brighid/Imbolc circle. So there's a good chance I'll be back up there for that.

We were back home before 11pm, so everybody hung out and chatted with celticdragonfly for a while (I'm not sure how long, I turned in at half past midnight).
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