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Strange Things at Work

My project is launching an interesting initiative. Managers with work they don't have anyone to do right away can post the tasks on an internal bulletin board. Any employee can take a look at the list and volunteer to take one on. This is being pitched as "career-broadening" opportunities. Engineers can try out working in another area without having to make a big jump into the unknown. I figure I'll check it out, there might be some fun stuff to do.

I'm wondering what management's actual motive for this is. It's an open admission that resources are badly allocated if they think some people have the spare time to do stuff like that. Which they are, but I'm surprised they'd admit it. The bigger motive might be trying to fight turnover. If people can experiment like that it reduces boredom and the sense of being trapped, both motives to quit. There's also the overtime problem. Lots of people are working huge amounts of overtime for show, without actually having work to do because they're waiting on somebody else. The task-sharing project may be a way to get some value from that.
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