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New Card Games

Steve Jackson publishes a silly card game called Chez Geek. Nothing real dramatic--you're slackers competing to see who can get away with being laziest. It was successful enough to get some sequels. Then they branched out with games for college students (no difference) and Goths (who try to out-gloom each other).

What else could they do with this theme? Right--enlisted troops trying to avoid KP and other dirty jobs. Chez Grunt covers that. And you can mix the cards with any of the earlier versions, it's all compatible.

So now they're looking for something else . . . and looking hard. Coming in April we have Chez Guevara. Yep. Play a bottom-rung guerilla in the jungle, trying to take it easy without getting in trouble as a counter-revolutionary.

So I had to ask, "Is it compatible with Chez Grunt, and if so can you kill opposing players?" (on the SJG boards). The Man Himself replied that they were only partially compatible--you could use some cards from the other game but not mix them completely. "And while you can get your rivals demoted, you can't kill them."

Fair enough. I knew a lot of officers who considered demotion worse than death anyway.
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