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Official Uncertainty

One of the bitter disputes among Browncoats, especially detailed-oriented GM-types, is whether the 'Verse's solar system has one star or many. It's gotten pretty heated on some of the boards. "JOSS SAID IT right in this interview!" "Interviews aren't canon! This screenshot shows a graphic which shows . . ." etc, etc. Both sides are, of course, utterly full of certainty that they're right. So I loved seeing this quote from the guy who did the graphics they're citing as canon:

Q: Any chance of a Serenity Star Charts book?

More likely a ‘verse poster, if I can resolve the one star system/multiple star system issue.
Well, that explains the ambiguity in the graphics. Since the artist didn't know which one it was he had to do a planet-scape that would fit with either. Now if only some of the participants in the flame war would remember this the next time they're yelling at someone for disagreeing with their obviously correct position.
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