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Random Bits

It looks like the list of sucessful science fiction predictions now has to include Toy Story. Buzz Lightyear relies on Crystallic Fusion for power, and physicists at UCLA and RPI now have it working in the lab.

There's a very interesting software development conference coming up. New York's too far for me to travel, which is a pity--one of my USC profs is giving a talk.

Last weekend I got to do some gaming with Jacob and kattelyn. They introduced me to Railroad Tycoon, which is a great boardgame. I was stomped miserably, but by the end I think I'd figured out how to play. I really like the goods-shipping mechanism, it allows a lot of business-type moves without imposing much overhead in complex rules. I may be swiping that for a future game design . . .
Tags: engineering, gaming
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