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Easy Fix

We're a two-computer family currently--my computer is Anvil and celticdragonfly uses Agatha. Anvil was acting a little flaky lately, freezing up so bad I'd have to unplug it to reboot. On Friday it started hanging during boot-up. With odd noises from the hard drive. So it got shut down to deal with later--we had to prep for the housefilk.

This morning I made breakfast for our houseguests. tmc4242 hadn't wanted to chance the icestorm and kd5mdk and jazz007 were making a long weekend of it. Once the meal had settled we took a look at it. Turned out to be just overheating. Once we had the dust out of the heat sink and fan it booted up with no hitch. I'd been backing up my key files, but now I've got them all copied to another drive.

And my next computer won't be named after an inanimate chunk of metal.
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