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Calling Browncoat Gamers

I'm looking for players for a Firefly/Serenity RPG campaign. I'll be using the official Serenity RPG as the setting guide but playing with GURPS Lite rules. You'd be creating your own characters, not playing the BDHs. Time and place would tentatively be on every other weekend at my place in Saginaw (N Ft Worth), but we'd have to find what works best for the most players.

The campaign would center on a group of PCs making a living with a small freighter. Key themes will be:
- Friendly. No backstabbing, that makes it less fun for everyone.
- Gritty. More like Firefly than Serenity, you'll be dealing with problems at the personal level, not great causes affecting the whole 'verse.
- Episodic. Rather than follow every moment of the PCs lives we'll handle the routine/boring stuff offstage and start by arriving at a new planet.
- Dramatic. Emphasis on roleplaying and emotions, minimizing the numbercrunching and combats.

Drop me a line at karl.gallagher@gmail.com if you're interested or have any questions.
Tags: gaming, gurps
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