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It's Done!

Since March we've been working on and off on a new bed for Jamie. His sister has a loft bed, he's outgrown the crib, and we don't want to leave him on a mattress on the floor forever. But we weren't happy with anything we were finding in the stores, so we decided to build our own. This became one of those classic too-many-trips-to-the-hardware-store home improvement projects. Plus work went REAL slowly when it was over 100 degrees here. Not good conditions for operating power tools in the garage. The heat was good for drying paint quickly, though. fordprfct gave us lots of help and tmc4242 lent us a circular saw. So with a whole bunch of help from our friends we finally got to this:

That's a very happy boy in his new four poster bed. It supposed to be a loft bed which can convert into a bunk bed, but that would've had him too high up, so we put the bed in the lower position. When he's old enough we don't have to worry about him grabbing the ceiling fan, or when a younger brother needs the bottom bunk, we'll move him up to the top bunk position. It's not totally done. We've made a magnetic chalk board which will fill the side by the wall, and celticdragonfly will be adding decorations. But he's sleeping tonight in his new bed.

As for me, I've got some maintenance work to catch up on around the house. Then the next project is a simple backyard swing set.
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