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Gaming at Fencon

This is still tenative as the official schedule hasn't been posted, but here's the games I'll be running at fencon:
Firefly Roleplaying
Gritty adventure in the Serenity 'Verse. The crew of a hard-luck Firefly freighter sees a chance to get rich quick. You just need to avoid the Alliance, and Terraformers, and Reavers . . . you don't really believe in Reavers, do you? This will use GURPS Lite rules. Pre-generated characters will be provided. In the gaming area, Saturday 2pm-6pm.

Are You a Werewolf?
A werewolf is eating your fellow villagers. Figure out who he is and lynch him! Someone was killed during the night? There's another one! Time for another lynching.
Play the party game of deception and violent death. Friday, 11pm, Room TBD.
I'll post an update when the times are confirmed.
Tags: cons, gaming, gurps
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