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Twisted Crossover

A Disney video with Owl saying "The time is right! The time is now!" made celticdragonfly say "That's wrong. That's Perchik's line." See, our kid video rotation includes Fiddler On the Roof . . . so we had to figure out the crossover casting.

Tigger is Perchik - knocking over the established order.
Owl is the Rabbi - "A blessing for Christopher Robin? Of course there's a blessing for Christopher Robin!"
Rabbit is Lazar Wolf
Piglet is Motel the tailor
Eeyore is Yenta - "Oh, how I suffer"
Kanga is Golda
Roo is all of the daughters

And, of course, Pooh is Tevye:

"If I had a bee hive . . . ya ba da ba da ba doo . . .
All day long I'd have honey on my paws
If I was a wealthy bear . . ."

[fordprfct is working on writing the whole filk]
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