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The Over-30 Game

Gakked from msminlr, and I left a couple of her answers.

1. Do you prefer solicitors and service staff to address you by first name or by title+last (e.g. "Ms. Smith", "Dr. Adams", etc.)?
"Sir" is fine.

2. How many careers have you had?

3. How many jobs? How many employers?
4 and 6. The employer count is high because I'm doing the same thing for TRW, Northrop, and Lockheed.

4. What was the best employer you worked for?
That's a depressing question for me to contemplate. There've been good bosses, but the companies don't have many virtues. I'd have to go with TRW by process of elimination.

5. What was your favorite job?
Some of the good projects in this one, though the start-up had its moments.

5. How many companies, businesses or incorporated organizations have you founded?
None, but I was once employee 6 of a start-up.

6. Did you grow up to be what you wanted to be when you were 5? When you were 10? When you were 15? When you were 20?
Dunno about 5 or 10 . . . given the lack of an active moon base, this may be as close as I could've gotten to the 15/20 goal.

7. Have you published any books or academic papers? How many?
Some conference papers and reports. See the "my website" link.

8. Do you hold any patents?
Two, for the same thing.

9. Are you licensed or certified to practice a profession(s)? If so, what?
Aerospace engineers aren't certified (as if we need more paperwork in our lives).

10. What's your highest degree?
MS Systems Engineering and Architecture, USC

11. Ever served in the military? What branch and how long?
4 years in USAF

12. What's the largest number of employees you have ever managed at a time?

13. How many countries have you lived in?

14. How many times have you been married?

15. How many kids do you have? How many grandkids?
2.5 and growing, 0

16. Whom do you observe Thanksgiving with?
celticdragonfly and others, rarely the same twice.

17. How many parents have you had?
3, counting my stepfather

18. How many of your parents are still alive? How close are/were you to them?
2, I'm reasonably close to my mom

19. What's one way you were surprised to find out you turned out like one of your parents?
My father died when I was five, so I've been surprised by the comments on how our behavior is similar.

20. What's one way you expected to turn out like your parent(s) and were surprised not to?
Can't think of one.

21. Do you own or rent your home? If the former, how many years on your mortgage, if any?
Own, many-many

22. Do you have roommates (i.e. non-family adults living with you)? If not, how long has it been since you had roommates?
no; not since college

23. Have you ever sat on a jury?
no, though the PD and ADA have gone into preemption chicken on me.

24. Have you ever run for office? Held office?
Other than clubs, no.

25. Are you a member of a political party? Do you volunteer with it? Do you donate money to it?
There's only one effective party in my county, so I vote in their primaries, that being the only chance to affect the outcome. I've volunteered and donated money to particular candidates, not to parties.

26. What's the nicest restaurant you've been to in the past year?
Salt Grass Steak house

27. What's the nicest item of furniture you've bought? (Gifts don't count!)
celticdragonfly's dresser

28. What kitchen appliance are you most happy you bought? (Gifts don't count!)
She bought it, but the waffle iron is great.

29. Do you have a preferred airline? How many frequent flyer miles do you have?
I didn't like flying before the TSA.

30. Where do you like to go to vacation?
Science fiction fan conventions

31. Women: Do you wear skirts or trousers on the job?

32. Men: Do you currently have facial hair?
Yep. See icon.

33. Do you have grey hair yet? If so, do you try to hide it?
A few, more in the beard than the hair. Sometimes I'll go after them when trimming it.

34. What kind of pets have you had?
Cats and dogs

35. What did you used to be able to do that you aged out of?
Stay up all night w/o drastic consequences.

36. If there were no consequences, name something you would like to try?

37. If you could erase one person or event from history, who would it be?
Having a firm awareness of the law of unintended consequences I'd have to think long and hard over that one.

38. What are three things in history you wish you could have seen?
Apollo XI (I wasn't paying attention the first time), the writing of the US Constitution, the Gettysburg Address.

39. When someone asks you for an evaluation of their current lover, are you honest?
I would be, which is why people usually don't ask me such questions

40. Best present ever?
1st edition Starship Troopers hardcover (thanks, Mom)

41. Kindest thing you remember doing for someone anonymously?
Given a present

42. Most romantic gesture someone has made to you?
celticdragonfly saying yes

43. Last time you cried or might have?
Listening to Hope Eyrie at Fencon

44. Name something you hold onto purely for sentimental reasons
Ratty paperbacks inherited from my father.

45. What is a phrase that someone would likely attribute to you?
"We use the crayola eight-pack here" is still in use at Allstate. Someone told me her car's color was "tungsten".

46. What is the furthest you ever walked and why?
20 mile charity fundraiser.

47. Name a question you should have said "yes" to but were afraid?

48. Name a gift you would like to receive
Handyman tools

49. Who has your back?

50. What is the best approach to get you in bed?
Talking works well.

51. How many people have you slept with? (oral sex counts)
Available to those with need-to-know

52. What career did you wish you pursued?
Software engineering, which would give me much more flexibility and technical challenge.

53. If you could re-engineer your body, what would you change?
I'd be 50 pounds lighter and not have to fight to stay that weight [yeah, I'll go with that]

54. Remove something from your life, what would it be?
Debt [amen!] [Popular answer in over-30 crowd]

55. Add something to you life, what would it be?
A local extended family

56. What would you tell the opposite gender if they were listening?

57. Name one thing that your parents are proud of you for doing?
Providing them with grandchildren.

58. Name something good that has happened in the last 24 hours.
Watching movies with friends.

59. Describe yourself with a single word

60. What is your power animal?
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