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Free-Form SF Videos

selenesue reports a direct to DVD Babylon 5 special is being made.

Yay! I'm hoping more media SF moves toward this model. No more squeezing stories into a procrustean 42 minutes. No fake climaxes for each commercial break. Conversely, no sacrificing everything for momentum to keep people from going out for more popcorn. Opportunities for 75 minute long dramatic plot pieces mixed with 15 min character studies in the same DVD.

I think the artificial timing constraints is part of what drags media SF below the level of written SF so often. A novelist can use as many pages to describe something as needed for the story. With TV . . . a good example is Babylon 5's "Into the Fire" in season four. This was rushed story and it showed. Lots of stuff was compressed and it didn't have the build-up it needed to bring the tension level up from the prior ep. But the alternative was to make it a two-parter . . . and there wasn't enough story to fill out a full 84 minutes. So JMS made the right call and compressed it. But on a DVD he could have made it 65 minutes and done it right.
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