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Paging Heralds

Blue Origins just released some info about their prototype vehicle. I'm thrilled to see it. All their design choices (RLV, VTVL, dense propellants, prototype before fullscale vehicle) are the ones I'd make if someone gave me a billion dollars and told me to go build a rocketship. Except for the part about basing the company in Seattle . . .

This outfit is sufficiently geeky they made up a coat of arms and put it on the vehicle:

Clearly they're not trying to stick to the traditional rules of heraldry. The shield design is an illustration of the different orbit zones. The turtle supporters would symbolize their slow but steady approach. The abstract solar system is lovely and shows the goal.

I'm still left with two questions for my herald friends:

1. The motto is "GRADATIM FEROCITER". I've seen "step-by-step bravely" offered as a translation but there wasn't a consensus. Anyone have a better meaning?

2. The base has a headpiece with an hourglass and wings. Is this a historical symbol anyone recognizes?
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