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Party Report

Yesterday was my 40th birthday party. A bunch of friends came over to play cards. kd5mdk and jazz007 arrived early and took the chance to introduce us to Great Big Sea.

Then Tom and Sarah arrived with their daughters. The kids started running around like crazy. David and tyledra came, which gave us enough people to have an eight player game of Great Dalmuti. Ryan and sadie_burdock08 came and made it ten players. You don't get many big sets with the deck divided over that many people.

After a while we decided enough people had been Peons (not me, heh) and took a break for presents, cake, and sandwiches (celticdragonfly managed to trick me into picking up the cake without me knowing there would be one).

Then I found the people who'd never tried Keep Flying and dragged them off for a game. fordprfct arrived after a long day at work, and, sigh, Tom and Sarah took the kiddies off for bed, so they weren't there for trying out my new Apples to Apples game. The high point was the "Addictive" card being won by "Girlfriends" on the grounds that "You can't eat just one!" celticdragonfly ran away with the game.

Then we split into two tables, one playing SPANC, the other breaking in Citadels. We lost a couple more people to bedtime, so I started up the chocolate fondue pot before it got too late. That adds a very decadent air to the party . . .

The last game was the original Munchkin. I have that and Star Munchkin, kd5mdk and jazz007 had brought Bites, Bites II, and Blender, but since David and tyledra hadn't played before it was wise to have a basic game rather than an all-genre epic game which would run to 3am. Especially since we were talking for an hour after the game ended. That had the dramatic moment of Rorik coming downstairs to meet people and even letting himself get petted by visitors.

And I was still in bed by 2am, thanks to everyone who pitched in on clean-up as the night went along. Thank you all for the presents, for coming out to visit, and for giving me a great birthday party!
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