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Jumping Tracks

This is exactly the job I'd like to sign up for. I've dealt with various pieces of the software business, but don't have enough experience with any one to jump industries. Fog Creek Software is running a management trainee program for non-MBAs to give them enough exposure to all parts of producing applications to be a useful manager. This is explicitly for non-coders, which makes sense. Top-level coders are too scarce to waste their time in meetings. But I think I'd be a good fit for Fog Creek's program as someone with a technical background, an awareness of the external interfaces a manager has to deal with, and someone who can talk to hackers in their own language.

Except they're in New York City, and I'm not moving there. The job probably doesn't pay well enough to support a family either. And it sounds like Fog Creek is looking for youngsters, not retreads like me. But if someone sets up a program like that in Fort Worth or Denton I'll be knocking on their door.
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