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gryphynkit pointed me at David Weber's Oath of Swords. It's a fun book. I'm going to keep an eye out for the sequel. It draws on lots of the standard fantasy tropes without being a complete clone of Tolkien or D&D. I did sense some D&D influence in the metaplot, though:
Dungeon Master: Got your characters?

Player 1: I rolled up a Barbarian, and gave him a rank in Perform(Bailaika) 'cause I want to take a level of Bard later.

Player 2: I've got a Barbarian, too.

DM: [Looks at campaign notes, realizes the later adventures need a paladin] (to P2) You know, it would be really cool if you took a level of paladin.

P2: Nah, I don't like paladins.

Next session:

DM: You have strange dreams about being on a mission for the gods.

P2: I go the other way.

Next session:

DM: The head of the local temple comes on the boat and tells you you're destined to become a paladin.

P2: I throw him overboard.

Next session:

DM: A goddess visits you in the cave and says you'd make a great paladin.

P2: I tell her no.

Next session:

DM: The god of war appears and asks you to be his paladin.

P2: I tell him I don't like gods.

Next session:

DM: You're attacked by a huge monster. It's knocking down dozens of trees as it comes toward you. (To P1) Your Bardic Knowledge tells you it can only be harmed by divine magic.

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