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July Shindig Report

Yesterday the DFW Browncoats had their monthly Shindig. Since there were a bunch of Fort Worth folks interested in attending we had a second gathering there at the Ol South Pancake House at I-30 and University. Attendance got a boost from people who were energized by the Can't Stop the Serenity showing and wanted to do more Firefly stuff.

celticdragonfly and I were there with the littles ones. Ruth Ann organized the gathering. I knew her from the old Dallas Browncoats board--she'd been over to our place for a game day and some other shindigs. Unfortunately that group faded away so we're on the Yahoo list now.

The only other person I knew from before was Burke, who I met at CSTS. One of the main organizers of that was Tara, who's now getting sucked into the vortex of all sorts of fannish stuff. She was there with her friend Monet, who'd also worked CSTS. I was sitting next to Renee and Jason. On the other side was captnann and her husband Charlie with their boy Alex, who was playing nicely with Maggie and Jamie by the end of the Shindig.

The biggest contingent was from the USS Joshua, a local Star Trek (et al) fan club. Tim was there but I missed the other names, sorry guys. There were five of them so we had a 14 adults and four kids all told.

It started out quietly as we all wrapped ourselves around our pancakes. That's a good restaurant, I'll have to go back sometime. celticdragonfly wants to go back when she's not on a no-dairy diet restriction. Ann's husband (wish I could remember his name . . . ) suggested we all go around and introduce ourselves. So we took turns telling who we were, what our fandoms were, and what we did. This got us all talking to each other, and brought out lots of comments about who loves/hates which show and who goes to which con. Lots of people were involved in ren faire or SCA. Battlestar Galactica brought out strong feelings--there's still fans of the original out there who think the new one is heresy. I did my part to urge people to go to fencon.

The regular meetup is at Cafe Brazil in Richardson, but I hope we have the FTW Shindig every so often--I can't get up that far normally and it was great seeing browncoats again.

EDIT: Fixed the names I missed on the first pass, thanks Tara and captnann.
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