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Maggie Quotes

Maggie Rose is a picky eater. She hates trying new food. Any new food. Doesn't even need to smell it or see it first. When she was describing seeing Ratatouille one bit was "He made some tasty food that I don't like."

So when celticdragonfly made pot roast tonight I got the job of persuading her to try a bit. A tiny bit, smaller than one of my fingernails (but larger than one of hers). Nothing doing. Promises that she could have whatever she wanted afterwards didn't help. Being prohibited from watching the video with the rest of the family until she ate it didn't help. Sitting in front of it for about an hour didn't help. So in the interest of nutrition (she's far too skinny) I conceded and gave her some food and let her join us. With speeches about how she was displaying bad manners and needed to do better.

Then we had to go through this again when it was her bedtime. She wasn't having any. As she put it "I don't want to do anything I'm going to do." Which was such a totally comprehensive bit of backtalk I could barely keep from laughing out loud while putting her to bed.
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