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Random Thoughts on Deathly Hallows

I liked it. It's a good book. Not great, but Rowling isn't up to great yet. She'd probably be better without the panting throngs demanding the next book right away, though. A 10% cut (Heinlein's usual trim of a finished novel) would've helped quite a bit, but no editor wants to delay a book which will be bought by millions regardless of the quality. It'd be nice to get an "editor's cut" version down the line.

The sparse references to religion are odd. The wedding was a civil ceremony, souls go nowhere except the bellies of Dementors, and only Muggles go to church. But they put Bible quotes on tombstones, celebrate Christmas (instead of Yule), and appoint godfathers for children. With a sacrifice-and-resurrection plot I'd expect closer connections or careful avoidance. I wonder if this is reflecting the state of modern-day Anglicalism in the UK.

Penseives can hold the memories of a dead person? Wizard historians should be urging prominent people and witnesses to major events to donate memories to archives. Education would also benefit by routinely using Penseives to train students. There's nothing like feeling how it should be done right to give someone a clue of how to learn how to do it. There's all sorts of speculation about what full-immersion virtual reality could do for training, Pensieves can deliver on most of that.

So . . . Crabbe got boiled, huh?

On my predictions:

I thought Ginny would be making snoggings of opportunity and was right. Thought it might go farther--wrong. Right, kid's book, I keep forgetting. My H/G fanfic is thoroughly Jossed--normally there's lulls all through the book to stretch the plot out to match the school year, and fics can be dropped into them. Not this time. Once the early aimless wandering was done they hardly took a break.

Snape is a good guy. Yes, I'm one of the vast hordes who saw that coming. I feel a little smug in predicting we'd get his side of the story through a Penseive. Didn't get the details right, though. The Prince's backstory skipped the actual killing of Dumbledore.

We're down a Weasley twin. I figured that was the minimum the family would lose. Breaking up the set intensifies the impact so I wasn't surprised the other made it.

The accidental Horcrux I didn't see coming, I was convinced they could only be made intentionally.

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