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Jesting in the Hearing of the Gods

Back in my college days I was hanging out with some friends listening to a guy bemoan the situation he’d gotten himself into. He was starring in a stage play and had a dramatic scene where he did a rolling dive across the stage. The rehearsals had been spaced out enough to let his ribs heal between each one, but now he was doing two shows every day and the accumulated damage giving him hell. My comment was “I’m devoted to my muse, but Clio doesn’t demand such sacrifices.”

I’ve kept up my interest in history since then, both with professional interest as a military officer (now inactive reservist) and as a hobbyist. Now I’m applying that knowledge to the current war. I’m optimistic but I still feel the need to speak out to help keep us on the right course. In my grimmer moments I worry about the disasters that could come from Islamofascist attacks or a loss of American will. Just as I think history shows our victory is likely, I can see precedents for other outcomes, all the way to genocide or civil war. In some of those scenarios my duty won’t be to just voice my opinions but to take up arms.

Clio may demand great sacrifices of me.

I’m prepared to make them. But I should learn to be more careful about what jests I make. You never know when the gods are listening.
Tags: daily life, pagan, war
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