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Weekend Highlights

This weekend I took Maggie and Jamie to the Saginaw Aquatic Center. Visualize one of those fancy playground sets with slides and nets sitting in a foot and a half of water. Then add showerheads all over. That's about what it's like. The kids had a blast. Jamie was hesitant for a couple of minutes and then ran around constantly. He also tried to get to the grown-ups slide on the far side of the lap pool, but by walking, not going through the deep water. I caught him as he was a dozen steps up the stairs. Maggie did try the deep water despite being warned away from it. At one point I was dealing with Jamie and then turned around to find Maggie was gone. By the time I got over to the deep portion the lifeguard was already holding her. I don't think she was under more than a moment--she was more embarrassed than scared. But she got a talking to. We'll be back.

I also got a bunch of yardwork done, nothing exciting in itself, but walking around the whole house lets you check on those corners you never see in a normal day. We had wasp nests. A couple of starter homes on the first floor windows, and a serious condo complex by the 2nd floor bathoom. I got the first floor ones (and a couple on the neighbor's house) with the bug spray but didn't like the idea of climbing up a ladder to go after the big nest. So I pulled the screen out of the bathroom window--it was about a broomstick length away from the nest (going after it with the broom was a possible plan, but I decided to be more high-tech). Cue chemical warfare.

Now, when a little nest gets blasted I normally get all the wasps there at the same time. With the big one there were enough who flew away or were off foraging that they kept a swarm buzzing around it for a while. So that window is still tightly closed. If they've stopped visiting the nest tonight I apply the broomstick and then put the screen back in. After that I want to do a little more walkabout to make sure the survivors aren't setting up a new nest nearby.

Afterwards celticdragonfly and fordprfct helped me unwind with a couple rounds of Ingenious.

Sunday morning the ladies went off to church while Jamie and I slept in. Well, Jamie slept in, I went back to sleep after getting Maggie bathed and dressed. He'd been so ill-behaved last Sunday we decided it wasn't worth bringing him this week. Maggie got to go with her godparents to deliver Communion to a pair of shut-ins, which was a wonderful adventure for her.
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