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Career Meme

From new_iconoclast and others.

Go to careercruising.com, put in username nycareers, password landmark, take the career matchmaker quiz, post the top results.

1. Architect - Pass. Far too much priority on aethestics over utility for the inhabitants. I’d be walking around with a copy of How Buildings Learn at conferences while my colleagues ceremonially turned their backs to me in sync.

2. Industrial Engineer – Okay. A bit more hands-on than I go for but I’d be competent.

3. Biomedical Engineer – Sure, if I go back and get that bio degree. That’s becoming a steadily more exciting field.

4. Computer Engineer – I’m great with software and this usually means hardware.

5. Operations Research Analyst – Hell, yeah. If, um, I had the formal training required instead of a few classes and some practical experience.

6. Agricultural Engineer – Not the way I sunburn.

7. Electrical Engineer – As with 2 and 4, it’d work but I’m not so much a hardware guy.

8. Management Consultant – Why? I already can give advice that gets ignored to my current managers and not have to travel.

9. Project Manager – This tempts me in real life, more because I’ve seen it done badly and feel I could do better than because I’m a natural fit. But not on any project that’s predefined to be a disaster, such as, oh, my current one.

10. Industrial Engineering Tech – I think the MS is a disqualification.

11. Chemical Engineer – Like 3, with a different degree.

12. Mechanical Engineer – See 2, 4, 7.

13. Aerospace Engineer – Ah, my day job. Either the quiz couldn’t handle the coolness factor of liking rockets, or my indifferent answer to “do lots of paperwork” counted against it. This was my first choice of careers and I’d still rather find a good project than switch fields.

14. Drafter – See 10.

15. Logistics Specialist – Subset of OR Analyst as far as I’m concerned. Could be lots of fun if I’m doing math instead of yelling at subcontractors.

16. Website Designer – Programming I could be good at, user interface design less so.

17. Mathematician – I’d rather produce practical results.

18. Historian – It’s related to my hobbies, but not something I’d do for a living.

19. Technical Writer – I do some on the job writing, could probably be competent at this.

20. Economist – See 17.

21. Computer Programmer – One I have thought about seriously and would be a good fit for on personality. But I’ve gotten far enough away from it that switching would mean starting at the bottom, and I can’t afford that. Might happen someday.

22. Interior Designer – You must be joking.

23. Home Inspector – See 6.

24. Cartoonist / Comic Illustrator – Not something I have talents for.

25. Cartographer – Maybe.

26. Oceanographer – Again, maybe.

27. Venture Capitalist – Requires a passion for high-stakes gambling I lack.

28. Meteorologist – I’d rather produce stuff to be implemented than just providing data for other people to use in making their plans.

29. Mining Engineer – I’d be competent, but would probably have to restart at the degree.

30. Civil Engineering Tech – See 10.

31. Video Game Developer – Something I could bring my RPG skills to at the design level, but I'm no where near enough of a coder to do implementation.

32. Petroleum Engineer – See 29.

33. Astronomer – I’d rather design than describe orbits.

34. Multimedia Developer – Don’t think so.

35. Materials / Metallurgical Engineer – See 29.

36. Property Manager – No.

37. General Contractor – Sunburn again.

38. Webmaster – I’d rather make new stuff than maintain existing.

39. Physicist – Again, I’d rather design than describe.

40. Exhibit Designer – Seems like it would need talents for fashion or UI design, both of which I lack.

There’s an option to do a bunch of additional questions to get more refined results, but I think it actually made things worse so I didn’t bother posting that one.
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