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Gaming in November

We had a blast gaming last night. mostuff came over with her friends aedynn and trollsabre. I introduced them to Hunting Party.

(right people, wrong game)

celticdragonfly and fordprfct had a game of Candyland with Maggie (who was thrilled) and Jamie (who needs practice playing). Tom came by but was called away by a family emergency before he could play anything (poor Tom).

We gathered all the adults for a game of Apples To Apples. It got pretty adult when the "Chewy" card was won by "Girlfriends". :D

The original plan was to order pizza for everyone, but instead we served them chocolate cake.


tmc4242 arrived in time for the cake. Most of us went to the library to play Railroad Tycoon. I wrote up the game for Boardgamegeek.com. mostuff came very close to winning, only two points behind the winner, not bad for the first time playing.

fordprfct, who's hiding mostuff, trollsabre, aedynn, tmc4242, and selenite

Shortly after we started tyledra and David arrived. They and celticdragonfly set up at the other table and played SPANC, Category 5, and Fluxx.

By then it was close to midnight and we just hung out and chatted for a while until it was time for folks to stagger off home. It was a great time--meeting new people and seeing friends we haven't seen for a while.
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