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Karl Gallagher's Journal
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Sunday, February 23rd, 2003

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Brendan's been happily geeking out with his Legoes all day.
He's finally hit enough toilet training milestones that we returned
all of them to him, and he's having lots of fun.

Laura was worrying whether we should stop him. "People would
say we should take him out to have some social interaction."

I replied, "Nah, let him keep playing. Of course, I'm biased.
I'm an engineer, I think it's great he's building things. Eventually
he'll wind up socially-interacting with government bureaucrats
who want to constrain his design to make it more enviro-friendly.
Let him enjoy it now, while he still can!"

Do I need a new job or what?

Current Mood: discontent
Let's get serious
Support the war

Current Mood: Grim
Stocking up
Just laid in a bunch of siege supplies for the house. 10 gallons of water, a bunch of storable food, and various paper consumables. Duct tape I already had, yay SCA!

Of the various terrorism scenarios I'm just worried about two. LAX is a prime target for both a nuke and a biological attack. Al Qaeda's tried to hit LAX before, and 9/11 showed they like to keep trying until they succeed.

The nuke is simpler to deal with--hole up in the house, seal a room, have a filter for ventilation, and wait for the fallout to stop landing.

Smallpox or another plague is tougher--it'll keep spreading, and a vaccination would probably kill Maggie. So keep Laura and the kids in the house, and I sleep in the garage. That keeps them safe, and lets me get vaccinated or forage for supplies, depending on how bad it gets.

Neither of these are very likely scenarios, but we didn't expect 9/11 either. So hopefully all the stuff will sit there until we take it camping or something. The best defense against this stuff is a good offense. Here's praying for the offensive.

Current Mood: tired

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