April 10th, 2003

Future Worth Fighting For3

Armor Repair

I skipped fighter practice last night. I was going to go and bring my tools to work on my armor there, but Laura wasn't feeling that great so I stayed home.

My hard suit needs a fair amount of work. Fighting has been an off-and-on thing for me and it's taken a while to get the suit to fit decently. I've tried a bunch of different straps for the legs, shoulders, vambraces, etc. It's finally coming together (four years after I authorized) but it still gives me some trouble. Stuff breaks, some parts need to be reworked, and some of the stuff I’ve changed needs to be fiddled with some more. Plus I have to fix a couple of problems to get tourney-legal.

A few days ago I finished repairing my camail, sitting up in the wee hours watching Fellowship of the Ring with the pliers in my hand. Yesterday I went out to the garage and fixed the wrap plate on my left leg, which had been hanging loose and interfering with the knee. Then I brought my leatherworking gear inside and started on adding a piece to protect the back of my hand.

So I may not be fighting in practice but I’m getting some stuff done toward fighting.
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