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Karl Gallagher's Journal
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Sunday, July 20th, 2003

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Successful weekend
My regular service to the SCA is running the boffer tourney at the Baronial events. This has sometimes wound up being the only adult trying to control two dozen kids, and two years I completely lost control of 'em and was bailed out by the Kingdom officer (one of the tip-offs my depression was getting bad). This year I had just over a dozen, plus one adult and a few kids helping. Not to mention I had my act together. So it came off fine, got 'em through in good time, clean fights, and the kids had a good time. Actually managed to give away some of our steadily-accumulating prize pile--the Baroness came to each age group's final fight and gave prizes then, instead of waiting for closing court when the kids've gone home.

Laura came by for a couple of hours toward the end of the day and got to chat with people w/o getting wiped out. We'd been hoping to have some friends drop by afterwards since some of them don't get to our area often, but it didn't work out. Sigh.

A new snippet of my favorite novel-in-progress got posted over the weekend, and it looks like the ultimate utopia is about to hit the fan.

Took Laura out to lunch to celebrate finally getting an interview out of the LA area. Fort Worth is a long way from so we'd be pulling up a lot of roots, but we know some folks there so it could work out well. Hopefully it'll work out well.

Current Mood: accomplished

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