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Karl Gallagher's Journal
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Monday, November 24th, 2003

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Unhappy Cat
On Friday we had the A/C guys in (not) fixing our heating system. They were going in and out a lot but I didn't worry about the cats going out since they always hide when strangers are about.


So about 8pm I was by the front door waiting for the repairman to come back with the final paperwork, hissing at Pouncequick to keep her from investigating the door. Then Laura noticed a cat through the window. There's several cats in the neighborhood so I didn't worry about it. Then she recognized Pixel.

So I headed out to retrieve the cats. Pixel was easy, I left the door open and as soon as he was between me and the door he headed on in. Then I saw Rorik lying on the grass. He needed some prodding but I got him inside. Then I heard some meowing from the driveway.

A quick search found Karina, and I scooped her up in a firm grip so she couldn't change her mind about coming back to the house. Just then repair-guy shows up with his clipboard and wants "just a couple of signatures". So I tried holding Karina one-handed so I could hold a pen. Not a good idea. I kept her, but she sank some claws into my back and held on as hard as she could.

Drag repair-guy back into house to do paperwork after releasing Karina. After he left Laura applied bacitracian to my back.

Then Laura noticed how much mud & stuff Karina had gotten on her fur while out exploring and decided she needed a bath. Or at least needed to get wet enough to force her to thoroughly clean herself.

First suggestion: "You're going to drain the hot tub tonight anyway, right? We could just toss her in for a dunk."

Reponse: A. If we put her near the edge she'd shred the liner clawing her way out. B. If we put her in the middle I'd let her drown before I reached a hand in to pull her out.

So cat-bath was postponed. Later that evening Karina was unwary while following Laura into the master bath and got scooped up and tossed into the shower stall. The rest of the job was turned over to me.

Karina knew getting trapped in a small room with a clear door was a Very Bad Thing even if she didn't know why. I grabbed a rod and cracked the door open just a little so I could turn the faucet on by pushing from a distance. WAAAGHHH! Frantic cat. Black mud swirling down the drain, mixed with some yellow. Cat jumping up to about my chest level. Lots of noise.

Pretty quickly she figured out that the shower head only covered part of the stall and she went to ground in the safe corner. So I reached over the top of the door with the rod and started shoving the shower head around. Pretty impressive results--she wound up holding on to the handle of the door with one paw while clawing at the door with the other three.

So pretty soon she was about as well rinsed as she was going to get without getting soaped up (not happening, even if I did find the box with my SCA armor). Laura then clutched Maggie and took her to hide in the safest corner of the room. I used a towel to channel Karina to the exit while I opened the door. WHOOSH. More interested in escape than revenge, fortunately. And not carrying a grudge--an hour later she was in the hall wanted to be scritched.

But now I know what a REALLY upset cat sounds like.

Current Mood: amused

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