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Karl Gallagher's Journal
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Monday, March 29th, 2004

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Taxes, argh
Got our taxes done this weekend. As the dust settles from buying the house I owe feds about a grand from cashing in the IRA to make a down payment. Then I discovered Northrop has been withholding California taxes the whole time I've been in Texas. Apparently I'm so used to CA taking money from me that I never noticed those lines on my paystubs for the past six months. I was very relieved when I found out the company will give me the money back instead of making me go wrestle the California tax people for it. So it looks like I'll have a net gain from being an idiot.

Current Mood: relieved
I like it
You are a Druid, highly learned and extremely
knowledgeable. You were considered to be an
expert on secular law and treated as judge in
legal disputes. You were also approached by
troubled people, seeking your advice and logic.

What Job Would You Have In 100B.C.?
brought to you by Quizilla

I figure I'd be the druid maintaining the stone circles and updating them as the equinoxes precess.

Current Mood: cheerful
Interesting Interview
I was at work late this evening which let me luck out--I got to hear Steve Squyres (opportunitygrrl and spiritrover's daddy) interviewed on the radio. Lots of cool stuff on what they're doing on Mars, building the girls, and living on Mars time. The girls are costing him a lot of sleep (not much different from my kids). NPR has it on the web if anyone wants to listen to him.

Current Mood: nerdy

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