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Karl Gallagher's Journal
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Thursday, April 1st, 2004

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Late-night fixit-man
Our house's equivalent of the Great Wall is the gated barrier keeping Maggie in the living room going from the wall to the kitchen counter. It took four iterations, a replacement gate, and wood reinforcing of the counter to get the thing to where it could keep her in. Theoretically she could push the bottom out enough to wiggle through, but I have some concrete bolts in reserve to put a stop to that.

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Current Mood: tired
Rules are rules
I've been trying to get the health insurance company to reimburse us for the midwife expenses. Finally got a clear answer:

Blue Cross/Blue Shield friendly phone center lady: "Your policy guidelines only cover births at a hospital or birthing center, not at home."
Me: "So if we'd chosen the more expensive option you'd pay for it?"
BC/BS FPCL: "Right."

I want to get health insurance the way I get car insurance. From somebody who wants to make *me* happy, not the corporate accountants.

Oh, well. Jamie's worth it.

Current Mood: frustrated
Dream Job
Being Chief Engineer for something like this was my original career goal:

Current Mood: wistful
Rule of Thumb
All human groups have hierarchies. If you're not sure who's on top, wait for someone to talk about how equal they all are and that's it.

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