May 10th, 2004

Future Worth Fighting For3

Cthulhu at Caer Gallagher

We had a good time this weekend. Started with a major cleaning binge to get the house ready for company. celticdragonfly got things organized with a bit of help from me. I went off to get our babysitter but was delayed on the way back by a thunderstorm, so the party was in progress when I got there. Not a big deal, the CoC campaign I'm in lost its previous spot and needed a new place to play. So I set up the picnic table next to the kitchen table and we had enough room for our seven guests (and me) to play. The lady with two kids didn't show so Rena was a little underemployed, but our three managed to keep her busy anyway. Gave Laura a little more knitting time at least. We managed to keep everyone fed despite Todd's attempt to introduce people to the joys of jalapeno pizza (shudder).

The game went well. We finally managed to wrap up the current adventure with assorted bloodstains and explosions. After maintaining an unbroken record as the cautious "let's-think-about-this" guy I managed to fire the first shot and kick off one of the firefights. I finished it up almost as sane as when I started and completely uninjured. So this character may last a while.

Final exchange of the game:
"Are you going skiing?"
"No, I have hamsters to dissect."

Nice crew, they were fun and didn't trash the place. We'll probably do this again, hopefully without totally exhausting Laura in the process.
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