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Karl Gallagher's Journal
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Sunday, July 4th, 2004

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Celebrating Patriotism
ginmar has a wonderful post on the definition of patriotism. The best line:

Being an American means you’ve got a lot more adjectives to choose from

That's a damn good definition of freedom--being able to choose your own identity, and how to rank the different roles we all play. America is a good place to find freedom, and a lot better than it used to be. Look at any fifty year period in our history and people average freer at the end of it than at the beginning. There's no country in the world freer than here, and few equals. That's why I get so infuriated by people who point to an American sin and say "therefore America is the worst nation in the world!" Or the ones who condemn the nation as worthless because it hasn't lived up to every point of their ideal. If the best the human race has ever done doesn't meet their standards, it's their problem, not America's. What we have is good enough that we'd better not smash it while trying to build something better. That's been tried and it's always worked out badly.

So today I'm flying the flag proudly to celebrate a good nation, to honor those who made it that way with sweat and blood, and to support those who are keeping us free and bringing freedom to others today.

Current Mood: patriotic

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