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Karl Gallagher's Journal
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Friday, August 20th, 2004

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Vote for Paper
Venezuela had an election using electronic voting machines that printed out a paper copy to be verified and put in a lockbox. How did it work?

In the town of Valle de la Pascua, where papers were counted at the initiative of those manning the voting center, the Yes vote had been cut by more than 75 percent, and the entire voting material was seized by the national guard shortly after the difference was established.

Three machines in a voting center in the state of Bolivar that has generally voted against Chávez all showed the same 133 votes for the Yes option, and higher numbers for the No option. Two other machines registered 126 Yes votes and much higher votes for the No. The opposition alleges that these machines, which can both send and receive information, were reprogrammed to start adjudicating all votes to the No option after a given number of Yes votes has been registered.

Okay, can we stick with paper?

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