October 19th, 2004

Firefly carry you

Getting an Early Start

Raising an autistic kid has all sorts of interesting moments. Brendan had been curious about shaving the other day so I explained that in about eight years he'd need to but until then he couldn't.

Tonight I went into the bathroom to check on whether he'd finished brushing his teeth. I noticed a bit of blood coming from his lip. Given how he'll bounce around the room I wouldn't be the least surprised if he'd whacked his face into the tub rim and split his lip. I asked him what happened. "I was pretending to shave." What? Turns out he'd gotten Laura's razor (from a shelf over his head height) and taken it to his face.

A greatly concerned Laura arrived then because she'd heard me say "What happened?" and then silence. This was because I was facing the wall trying to keep quiet while I got the smirk off my face. It was very minor damage (otherwise I wouldn't've been laughing) and a bit of tissue paper to the face got the bleeding under control. It actually worked out well for story time--he had something to do with his hands so he could sit still and listen to the story. So now he's in bed after a lecture on how razors are Absolutely Off Limits.

I must remember this for when Jamie starts asking about shaving. First the warnings, then "wait 'till you're older."