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Karl Gallagher's Journal
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Saturday, October 23rd, 2004

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Election Day
Friday I went swimming with celticdragonfly. I swam a quarter of a mile in the time she swam half a mile. Then I hit my limit, and got out while she swam another half mile. She reminded me she'd been on swim team back in high school. I figure I need more exercise.

Afterwards we voted. Tarrant County has a nice setup for it--you can vote at any early station, not just your own. All computerized, you present ID, the database spits out a pass code, you feed that to the voting computer, and cast your votes. No paper backup to the ballot so it's not as reliable as I'd hope, but you can't get complete accuracy without roll-call voting anyway.

I had a wonderful feeling of relief when my ballot was registered. I'd done my duty. Didn't have to worry about some crisis screwing things up for me on election day. Didn't have to listen to any more propaganda. Didn't have to dither over "Should I vote for a totally unqualified Libertarian/Independent just to show I don't like the Republican party?" (yes, in the end UPDATE: for a couple of downticket races only). Didn't have to engage in arguments to convince myself I shouldn't change my mind. Didn't have to keep trying to change other peoples' minds (though to be polite I will reply to the last few political debate comments I got, whenever the election dust settles, or January, whichever is sooner). I'm done.

So we celebrated with nice steaks at Salt Grass, and even had dessert. Chocolate cake. Lovely.

Current Mood: relieved

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