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Karl Gallagher's Journal
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Wednesday, December 22nd, 2004

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Let It Snow
Fort Worth is having a record cold and wet year. Today took it to extremes. We got snowed on, at the very beginning of winter. Second snowfall of this year. I'm going to get a real shock when some typical Texas weather arrives here. The Texans handle snow a lot better than most places I've been, with the exception of the guy in the red sports car up against the railing facing the wrong way. Looked like a new car, too.

Unfortunately celticdragonfly and the kiddies aren't here to enjoy it, they're off at Granddad and Nana's for Christmas. I've been cleaning up the house some and generally rediscovering the pleasures of bachelor living--this is the first time I've been alone under my own roof since 1997. So I'm sitting around watching Firefly, playing Civ2, and wishing I had a sweetie there to keep my company. Luckily I get to join her on Friday. That's my Xmas present.

Current Mood: lonely

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