January 18th, 2005

Future Worth Fighting For3

Holiday Trip

Whew. Been home almost a week, finally caught up enough to do a post.

celticdragonfly and I had a long road trip for our vacation. We went to her parents' place in Baton Rouge for Xmas and New Year's. The little ones got lots of play time and we visited some of the historical sites in the area. Then we played tourist in Atlanta, alternated with providing joyeuse13 and Aaron tea and sympathy for their horrid flu (which, amazingly, neither of us caught). The lovely curiousmay9 introduced us to the Botanical Gardens and then took us to dinner with shadowkatt and sambear. The next day we headed for GaFilk, where I finally got to meet technomom, who friended me a long, long time ago, and is even more delightful in person. We had a pleasant surprise--Gerry and Sandy Tyras had come up from Fort Worth to run sound at the con. It was fun being at a filk con again, I'd heard some filk at other cons but my last all-filk con was at ConChord in 1998. Jamie was pretty reasonable about letting us get to the music, even with an upset tummy. He was even willing to have a dance with Sandy so I could take celticdragonfly onto the dance floor. First time we'd danced without one of us holding a kid since 2000. After the con curiousmay9 and technomom swept us off to the TechnoZoo for dinner and chatter. By the end of the weekend joyeuse13 and Aaron were healthy again so we got to chat as we loaded up the van to head out. Hopefully we'll get to tour the city together next time.