February 1st, 2005


Weekend Catch-up

We had a lovely weekend. We hosted the first housefilk Texas has had in a long time, described by celticdragonfly here. I completely blindsided her with the cookiecake. She wanted to know where I hid it but I said I'd still need to hide things from her. :-)

phoenixsinger volunteered to watch the kiddies so I could take celticdragonfly out on a date (Thanks, Robyn!). We went to see Kinsey, which she'd been wanting to see for a while. It's a great movie. Liam Neeson is completely convincing as a scientist with an autistic fascination with his research subject. He just transfers it from wasps to humans. Something probably only an autistic could do, anyone with a normal amount of social consciousness would see the firestorm coming and immediately run away.

I think Kinsey is best as a historical document, showing just how different society was less than a century ago. It's a good perspective on the current squabbles over sexual freedom. We've come amazingly far very fast.

We discussed it over dinner at Olive Garden (thanks, bkseiver!). A kid-free dinner out . . . what luxury. I've gotten the kid-safe habits ingrained deep down. celticdragonfly put a wine glass on the edge of the table and every fiber of my body said "Wrong! Don't! Danger!"

Then back home. phoenixsinger said the babies went really easy on her. One had slept the whole time. Wow.

The next day we all went to the Dallas Aquarium. Lovely architecture, interesting animals, terrible organization. It would be a much better educational institution if they'd send an intern to the library to xerox encyclopedia articles for each animal and put them up next to the cages. Just having the latin name doesn't tell you much about what you're looking at. Some cages didn't even have that, you had to look them up in the map booklet to see what the name of the critter was. Putting in all the animal names didn't leave much room for a map, which was very annoying. It was hard to figure out which floor you were on and the entrance to the next area was marked as a dead end on one floor. The infuriating part is that this is the easiest stuff for them to fix and it's done so badly. There's better places to go for the money.

So back home, where we had a final frenzy of Babylon 5 and gathered up the tapes to send with phoenixsinger. celticdragonfly updated my web resume for me--we'll see if I can go back into rocket science.