March 7th, 2005

mad science

Project Orion T-Shirt

Saturday we had our local SF club meeting. As is typical a bunch of us techno-nerd types wound up in the kitchen talking rockets and gadgets and such. We had the delightful experience of introducing one member to the concept of Project Orion and seeing his eyes bug out. Okay, so setting off an atomic bomb under a ship you're in is a little counter-intuitive. But we kept discussing it and finally came up with a perfect T-shirt slogan for it:
10,000 Tons of Launch Weight: $500 million.
2000 Mini-nukes: $1 Billion
Finding a country to let you launch: Priceless

For normal trips to LEO, there are chemical rockets.
For everything else, there's Project Orion.

Our previous slogan for it was "When you absolutely, positively have to be off the planet overnight."