March 27th, 2005


Resettlement Program

This weekend’s big event was solving the Bird Problem. celticdragonfly picked up the supplies we needed. We started by clearing away any birds who might’ve been in the house while we were working. My approach was simple. Pull out the ceiling fan. Grab a cat. Hold cat up to opening. Hope that cat’s meowing to be let down scared away any birds hiding in there. Repeat with next cat. No, I didn’t repeat this with Rorik, for reasons obvious to anyone who’s met him. There’s a limit to how much unhappy feline I’m willing to hold over my head.

Then celticdragonfly spotted me on the ladder as I unscrewed the covers for each duct, slid in some screening, and screwed them down again. We’d officially evicted the birds.

Of course, this meant we had a family of homeless birds on our conscience, right during nest-building season. So celticdragonfly had picked up a birdhouse as a resettlement zone for the critters we’d booted out. A little more ladder work and it was nailed to the eaves, safe from predators and weather. The bird feeder went up in the back yard and we were done.

Cute vermin are way too much work.