May 6th, 2005

karl and maggie

Silly Little Girl

Before getting the kids to bed last night we were playing with the finger puppets joyeuse13 gave us. Maggie had the deer puppet and was playing with celticdragonfly, who was making roaring noises with the alligator puppet. So Maggie screamed (repeatedly) and then ran away. This went on for a while. celticdragonfly wanted to play something more conversational but this just got "More bite me!" from Maggie. Finally she hid the alligator, put on the sheep puppet, and tried to get Maggie to talk to it. Maggie burst out with "Please, I need a scare!" Cue alligator and roaring. Maggie screams and runs away. Nice that she's still working on getting that scholarship.
karl and maggie

More Maggie Quotes

Maggie announced "It's okay, I'm fine" after falling onto the nice, soft bed. celticdragonfly declared "She IS the Drama Princess."

Maggie's response: "Yes, I am a princess. . . . What's so funny, Daddy? What's so funny, Daddy? What's so funny, Daddy?"