May 27th, 2005


Happy Anniversary

Those of you on celticdragonfly's flist saw her make a post yesterday about "gosh, just realized it's exactly ten years since we met, what should we do to celebrate?"

Well, surprise surprise, I came home early from work with our friends sandy_tyras and Rhiannon. They settled in to watch the kids while I swept celticdragonfly off to dinner. We had a nice steak at Saltgrass. Afterwards she came up with some ideas of things we could go do while we have a babysitter--bookstore visit, see the fountains downtown, etc. I said "Hmmm, let me think about that."

I'll never make a living as a professional poker player. She instantly Knew I was Up To Something. But she didn't know what.

She tried to figure it out, though. By the time we got to Dallas County she was speculating wildly. I kept driving. And driving. For an hour.

Finally we pull into a shopping mall. Which is obviously closed, so we're not shopping. And there's a movie theatre, but she doesn't want to see ROTS and what else is out? I'd given up on the poker face and was smirking madly. So I parked by the movie theatre, go round to the back of the car, and told her to close her eyes. Then I changed into this:

She still couldn't believe it. I told her since it was a fan event she might want to change into an appropriate T-shirt (I'd smuggled a couple of hers into the car). It still took me a couple more times to convince her that, yes, she was going to the sneak preview four-months-before-it-comes-out of The Big Damn Movie. (Those of you who haven't seen the Serenity trailer, go now. I'll wait). For those who just joined us, we're HUGE fans of Firefly, have been converting everyone we can, and Laura has been dying to see this movie.

So we were in line with our tickets with half an hour to spare. No, that's not much, and we were so close to the end we wound up sitting in the front row. I'd even brought my Firefly card game along on the theory we might have an hour or two to kill in line. But keeping the secret meant having no reason to rush right out the door or wolf down dinner. It was worth it. Laura was still boggled. "What about sandy_tyras and Rhiannon? Do they know we're going to be out this late?" "Oh, they had their overnight stuff, we just left it in my car so you wouldn't see it." And they did a great job of keeping a straight face when Laura told them about reading the Finding Serenity essay collection and wanting to watch the whole series over again with those insights.

The movie . . . well, that's another post. It was incredibly powerful. I was totally emotionally wrung out by the end of it. Fans who want an unchanging universe were unhappy. People who want real stories will love it.

Afterwards we went out for ice cream with some friends from ORAC and the Browncoats board, and some more people we met at the movie. It was only half past midnight, after all. We had a great time chatting with everybody. We're going to have to see Buffy just to get all the references. Finally got home at 2:30 am.

Thanks, Sandy and Rhiannon, for making this possible!