July 31st, 2005

Future Worth Fighting For3

Game Update

We hosted another game night this weekend or, as I think of it, I inflicted the latest version of Keep Flying on a new group of playtesters. This had a new, hopefully prettier deck, and some changes in the play balance. We only played one game but it went fine. So at the very least I haven't broken it badly enough to be obvious on the first try.

Everybody seemed to like playing it. Even celticdragonfly, which is good or she'd be getting ready to strangle me for making her play it so much.

The new cards are prettier—this is the first version with colored backs. I also reworked the deck to put in three Wash pictures. He'd gotten cut from the previous version (I'm so ashamed).

We also played Empyrean, the new card game I got from Studio Foglio (Phil illustrated it). It's fun. Combines the card-trading of Advanced Civilization with the upgrade-buying of Settlers of Catan while still being a quick play. Winning works like Rummy, putting down sets of cards. As written it's for 2-4 players, but I think it would work well with 5-6. Just needs a house rule and some new homeworld cards—maybe I'll raid my Babylon 5 CCG.
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