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Karl Gallagher's Journal
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Wednesday, September 14th, 2005

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Thanks, Mom
For those of you don't follow celticdragonfly's journal, my wife is going in for surgery next month. This is very good on the fixing-the-problem side, but still kinda scary. One worry was "how are we going to take care of the kids while she's in bed recuperating?" Well, my mom (maggieallen) is coming out for ten days to help out, so we've got a good start on that.

Thanks, Mom.

Current Mood: relieved
Marine's Bon Voyage
Warblogger Donald Sensing bid farewell to his son, Lance Cpl. Stephen Sensing, as his unit deployed to Iraq.

My son and his fellows are producers of freedom, not mere consumers of it. And those who only consumed freedom will one night lie in their beds and think themselves accursed that they didn’t serve with them.

Good luck, and good hunting, Marine.

Current Mood: grateful

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