October 1st, 2005

Future Worth Fighting For3

Finding Serenity

Friday night I went to see Serenity. The Fort Worth contingent of the Dallas Browncoats (me, Jeremy, and Ruth Ann) had settled on the Ridgmar Rave theatre, with Chinese buffet beforehand. Gerry, sandytyra, and their kids joined the party. My old MIT buddy Nat was coming into town for a visit before he went off to his next job in VA, so he joined the party.

I decided to get tickets before dinner to be safe. This was a bad move—I wound up ten minutes late to dinner. Normally not that big a deal, but as it happens I was the only person who knew any of the other people coming to the get-together. Ruth Ann and Jeremy hadn't been to any of the same Shindigs, and Nat and the rest hadn't had a chance to meet anybody.

No harm done—Ruth Ann had a Firefly shirt for a conversation starter, and Nat recognized the crowd as "these must be with Karl." celticdragonfly dropped by to join us for dinner and give me the cell phone which I'd forgot to take with me that morning. Maggie was very happy to see some of her favorite people.

We got to the theatre early. Hadn't sold out. I'd guess about 2/3 full, not what I'd hoped for but a decent showing. The pre-show slides had one nice tidbit. Turns out Mira Sorvino speaks Mandarin. Everybody keep that in mind when casting the sequel. The Aeron Flux trailer looked like it was trying to pitch the same movie as Serenity, just without the real characters or setting.

As for the movie—how can I add to what's been said? I'd seen a rough cut. This was much better. I could pull myself out of the movie to watch the crowd's reaction (good, laughs and gasps at the proper moments) but I wasn't sitting there in watching-a-repeat mode. It's truly wonderful.

I was watching for some specific images but didn't get to settle the argument we've been having on the RPG board as to the shape of the 'verse. I suspect I'll be frame-by-framing the DVD and looking at some of the images up on the navigation displays. The big problem, of course, is that Joss doesn't want to draw a map, he wants a blank canvas. Some people say this means we should give up on applying science to the show. To me it's just more of a challenge.

Nat had never seen Firefly or anything about the movie, so he was our test case for how the general public (or general SF fans) would like it. Did he? On the way out of the theatre someone asked "Since you're not a fan—" and he said "I am now!"

We decided to go out for ice cream afterwards except nobody had looked up where the nearest ice cream place was. After discussing various options way too far away we decided to go to the Albertson's on the other side of the mall, get some ice cream and bowls, and have a tailgate party in the parking lots. Once we got there we saw an Applebees and headed over there. Had a great time chatting over various good desserts.

Nat crashed overnight at our place, and today I got him through the pilot and next 1.5 episodes. I think he's on his way to being a Browncoat.