October 11th, 2005

Karl with beard and hat

Another Quiz

From joyeuse13
You are a LION! You are very devoted to protecting what's yours but you only rise when duty calls. Most of the time, you like to rest yourself and be a couch potato but when duty DOES call, you are a fierce warrior and nothing can stand in your path. You are good natured when you have nothing to do and because of this, alot of people are devoted to you. Some even use you as their "shield". You are very respected for your position.

Which FELINE are you?
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Well, I'd like that to be all true.
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Cheesy Humor

Earlier today I saw a link to the rules for the Cheese College of GURPS Magic. Yes, now your wizard can cast Seek Cheese, Create Cheese, Stone to Cheese, etc. I had to share this with celticdragonfly. When I got to Cheese Elementals she promptly envisioned a Golem made of swiss cheese, whistling in the wind. "Golems are made by a rabbi, so it has to be holy." I writhed in pain. She shrugged. "It's just my whey."