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Karl Gallagher's Journal
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Saturday, October 15th, 2005

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Another Step
Iraq's gone through another vote. The most remarkable thing seems to be how few terrorist attacks there were on the polls, and how ineffective they were. The constitution isn't that big a deal for me, though. Any set of rules can only be as good as the people implementing them. So the elections for a new government in December will be what decides whether Iraq is headed for a rough democracy or a different tyranny.

I did stumble across a good piece of news on that front. The IRI did a survey in Iraq to predict the turn-out and support for the constitution. They also asked "Thinking about the referendum scheduled for October, who will have the most influence on your choice?" Only a third of the people listed "Religious figures" as their first or second choice. So if secular influences are already that widespread we can breathe a little easier about Iraq coming under sharia law.

Current Mood: determined
So what do we call the folks who were forced out of New Orleans? Refugees? Evacuees? I'm going to go with "Texans."

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