November 10th, 2005


The Arm of Decision

Vodkapundit makes the case that soldiergrrl is more important to winning this war than all the guys in tanks.

"The terrorists won First Fallujah. And for six months thereafter Fallujah was the world capital of terror – a terrorist city-state."

That's the power of the media, the arm of decision in action. Using little more than video cameras, terrorists convinced The Most Powerful Man on Earth™ to back down and grant them a victory they hadn't earned on the battlefield.

John McCain seems to agree:

Win the homefront. While we make improvements in our political-military strategy, the latest polls and protests at home show that we need a renewed effort to win the homefront. If we can’t retain the support of the American people, we will have lost this war as soundly as if our forces were defeated on the battlefield. A renewed effort at home starts with explaining precisely what is at stake in this war – not to alarm Americans, but so that they see the nature of this struggle for what it is. The President cannot do this alone. The media, so efficient in portraying the difficulties in Iraq, need to convey the consequences of success or failure there.

By "this war" I'm referring to the global struggle against Islamofascism, of which Iraq is only a part. I don't have that much hope in the media establishment becoming a useful part of the war effort. Not until someone else is in the White House at least. But the information side of the war is one place where the "militia" can try to make some contribution.
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