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Karl Gallagher's Journal
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Monday, January 9th, 2006

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Birthday Cards
Yesterday was my birthday (thanks to all the well-wishers on LJ!). We celebrated with a gaming shindig at our place. Kelly, drgnmoonshadow, and tmc4242 were the first to arrive. We hung out for a bit then had a game of Keep Flying. Those folks were playing one of the nicer games I've seen. Lots of honest hauling cargo and odd jobs. It wasn't until the deck was shrinking down that the nasty cards came out. I had to explain why some defense cards worked in some situations but not others:

"Crew going on vacation you can't fix with a gun. Crew being incompetent, you can fix with a gun!"

drgnmoonshadow translated this to "The shootings will continue until morale improves!"

And we had a dramatic finish with tmc4242 getting a surprise win. So I've got some more fans of the game. Hopefully someday I'll find a publisher. Meanwhile I want to do some playtesting on a suggestion from drgnmoonshadow--making it work better as a 2-4 player game by increasing the starting hand size.

By then fordprfct had arrived and we hung out for a bit before splitting into two groups for games. tmc4242 and I went off to play The Awful Green Things from Outer Space while the rest of the group got out SPANC. celticdragonfly and phoenixsinger had been making dinner for us, so we had some breaks for stew and lasagna. Oh, and cake. Maggie had picked out the cake for me at the store--chocolate through and through. Then back to the games. tmc4242 and I played a second game of AGTfOS since the first one ended a little too quickly.

Kit came by after finally escaping work, and jazz007 and kd5mdk arrived after 10. They'd driven all the way from Louisiana, where they'd been working a fencing tournament. All three were dragged into the Fluxx marathon while I tucked the kiddies into bed.

That took us to midnight, when I started a game of Hunting Party That was a bit late for starting that game when I had to go to work in the morning. But it was still fun, even if I was too fuzzy to work out the logic properly. jazz007 brought down the Shadow and then we could all go to bed.

Thanks for coming, everyone!

Current Mood: cheerful

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